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Who are we?

  • The North Regional Theatre Workshop (NRTW) provides quality musical theatre to communities north of Boston, Massachusetts. Based in Methuen, NRTW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community theater group. Membership is open to all.
  • We typically produce several major productions each season, including musical variety shows and choral concerts. These performances are a complement to our extensive history of musical theatre productions. We will continue with a mix of choral and musical theatre productions in the future.
  • Our resident artistic director, Paul D. Greene, founded NRTW in 1978. Formerly known as the North Reading Theatre Workshop, we have grown to draw members and audiences from all over the northern Boston region.

Show History

Once upon a time in a place called Fellowship Hall at the Union Congregational Church in North Reading, MA, there performed a group known as The Friendship Company, led by a talented “Minstrel” called Paul D. Webster-Greene. Looking for a larger space, the group moved to the J. T. Berry Center on Route 62. Upon seeing that great things could come from more elaborate musical productions, Paul founded NRTW (at that time meaning North Reading Theatre Workshop) bringing into the group several members of The Friendship Company and the church choir he directed. And the group prospered, gaining critical acclaim for its numerous productions throughout the years.

Sound like a fairy tale, or at least a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical? Well, not quite. After several years at the Berry Center, NRTW moved to the North Reading High School for its performances, continuing to rehearse at the Union Congregational Church. When renovations at NRHS meant the auditorium would not be available for quite a while, NRTW became a “gypsy” troupe. We started performing in several towns around North Reading. Coincidentally, the first show we did away from North Reading was Gypsy at the Old Town Hall in Andover. Since that time, there have been performances in Andover, Middleton, Melrose, back to North Reading, and Wilmington before NRTW settled in our current home of Methuen in 2004, where we have been warmly welcomed to the Great Hall at Nevin’s Memorial Library. During this time of moving around, NRTW expanded its title from North Reading Theatre Workshop to North Regional Theatre Workshop, reflecting our new, larger community of performers and audiences.

In 2003, NRTW celebrated its 25th anniversary — a long time in anyone’s book. As a group, we have had a few lean financial times over the years, but we have always managed to pull through with the hard work and dedication of our members as well as the support of our families, friends and audiences. We thank them all for their continuing support! We also thank Paul D. Webster-Greene for being a constant strength within the group. Since founding the group over 30 years ago, Paul has been NRTW’s resident director and creative talent in all aspects of each production.

As you enjoy the productions of NRTW, you may recognize many folks from over the years. Some of the faces have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the foundation upon which NRTW was built: the love, dedication, and drive to present the best musical theater possible. We look forward to the next 25 years!



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